Back Alley Sally 8/28/08 shes done!

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Well got some work done this weekend, I started painting the rear wheel and did alot of mystery razor work on the frame I decided to put the seat back and found a crank to modify for a post. I think I found some other bars to use with the head set. The shifter is going to be interesting to mount I am still working on that also. 8)
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Well another weekend, finished my rear wheel I painted my forks bright yellow....not sure if I like it but there is a method to my madness. I found a partial huffy in front of a tire shop and didn't think to much of it till I seen the apple green shifter for me and I found mystery brackets at a thrift store that looks like they will mount the shifter....slowly but surely Sally's coming :mrgreen:
Nov 18, 2007
Re: Back Alley Sally 8/12/08 Update

Okay! HOW did you do that to the frame?.........FESS UP......................Looks great!
Re: Back Alley Sally 8/12/08 Update

KOTA said:
Okay! HOW did you do that to the frame?.........FESS UP......................Looks great!
Sorry, ancient Chinese secret, but seriously Kragen auto parts had it for 12.00 a roll of 6 inch wide by 6 foot the trick is keeping the pattern lined up. but I like it. 8)
Re: Back Alley Sally 8/19/08 No Pressure Here!

Well getting closer, I like the looks but not feel I picked up a killer chain but its to short hopefully my LBC can get another one soon I am not liking the seat position as it just isnt working... maybe a new seat, I want to be done this weekend . I just want to thank everyone for the input I never would have done this to a bike without your awesome builds to generate inspiration.And I will get more photos soon....If I remember, alzhiemers and all just turned 44 ya know :lol:
Re: Back Alley Sally 8/22/08 Its coming together!

Friday is here, I traded two frozen baby fryer chickens for the other bike chain I needed and I am going to pick up the seat I need today. I got the shifter mounted to the frame I am just working out the bugs and then to finish the paint details, I picked up another set of grips that look more old school and then to get some photos of it, should be real close to done this weekend but on the same token I have to go shopping in Sac Sunday and part of the day Saturday do a car wash for the youth group, I will find time :roll:
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