black bikes?

Jan 21, 2009
Mililani, Hawaii
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The nice 74 year old lady at the thrift store asked if I could get her old Schwinn going. I expected a worn out old women's heavyweight. This is what she had. A good cleaning and repack of the bearings, along with replacement tires and it was like new. It's a 1964.
I forgot to get a picture of it after I tuned it up.
Jan 20, 2009
Watson, IL.
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Project black bike: this will be my first bb 4 rrb's its a 70's era 26" Roadmaster frame, chrome Spaceliner fork, art deco stem and bar combo with a quick release stem bolt (may change when I find a correct stembolt). Has a small girls tank which will be mounted upsidedown to fit the boys frame, green crashrail seat from a 1957 Monark. Rear bobbed rack is from the 1940's. This mock-up is all preliminary, could look completely different by the time it's complete! What I'm sure of is that it will roll on red brick balloon tires which I ordered last night, love that red on black Colson! 8)
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