Canadian or ... Westfield; 4-bean chain ring (?)

Oct 5, 2015
Kalifornia / Toes Beach
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I have a vintage chain ring that I am trying to best-match to a Westfield project or to another "unknown" bike project.
I want to deviate from the fairly-standard 26-tooth 1"-pitch, for bikes that will not have to be walked up moderate hills.
I have enough 26-11 x 28" projects (2.36 ratio)
This one has 48 teeth, 1/2"-pitch, which I can mate with a 24 tooth rear for a respectable 2.0 ratio.

I call it a 4-bean design, not quite a clover.
It is fat a 3/16" wide, maybe from 1940's?
So, I am not sure if this one is later Westfield, or CCM (Canadian -eh), or other?
Any help appreciated.