CWC Western Flyer Build

Hello, thought I would post since it's been a while, I am now working on a CWC western flyer? with many modern upgrades. photos to follow.

Phil Marshall dated the frame to production during 1948. That is appropriate for the pattern of the frame which is a CWC 3-Gill type frame The original chain ring pattern makes it likely the bike was originally branded and retailed by Western Autos.
After some cleaning up I found some rust that needs repaired.

I mocked up the bike with the parts I wanted here is what she look like.

A Monster inspired green theme will ensue....

Here are some detailed pics

painted the spring and the struts, makes for a more uniform build I think.

this sprocket is off a bmx some kid was throwing away it's a 25 tooth with the rear being a 22 tooth it's almost one to one and with the three speed it works like a regular single speed coaster with some hill climbing gears/

the seat post hole on this frame was small, so I used a 5/8 inch bolt that was about 10 inches long and welded the seat mounting bracket to the bolt head, works pretty good.

solid rubber works for me as I am forever replacing tubes and repairing flats, due the sand burs and goat head stickers in this area so I decided to go solid this time and I like it, now I can ride almost anywhere I want.

got some switchblade grips, the leather is nice and looks good too, indexed three speed shifter will probably be replaced with a frame mounted stick but I am not sure yet.