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Aug 3, 2012
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Jewell, Kansas
Hello, thought I would post since it's been a while, I am now working on a CWC western flyer? with many modern upgrades. photos to follow.


Phil Marshall dated the frame to production during 1948. That is appropriate for the pattern of the frame which is a CWC 3-Gill type frame The original chain ring pattern makes it likely the bike was originally branded and retailed by Western Autos.
After some cleaning up I found some rust that needs repaired.



I mocked up the bike with the parts I wanted here is what she look like.


A Monster inspired green theme will ensue....

Love the lines of those CWCs!
Well got some welding done this morning, found more rust but I think I have it all repaired, will do some paper wheel sanding on it and get it to the body filler stage by lunch


Got the crank set together, the front and rear sprockets are almost one to one


I am using this with a three speed hub so I wouldn't be pedaling my butt off all the time, should be kind of like a single speed with a lower gear for hills
Got the first layer of body filler on and sanded now I need to get some spot filler putty


next Ill scuff the whole frame and get it ready for primer....
well I got some time to paint today although I did not get any pictures of the primer I did get pictures of the finished paint job, not bad for rattle can.

Here are some detailed pics

painted the spring and the struts, makes for a more uniform build I think.

this sprocket is off a bmx some kid was throwing away it's a 25 tooth with the rear being a 22 tooth it's almost one to one and with the three speed it works like a regular single speed coaster with some hill climbing gears/

the seat post hole on this frame was small, so I used a 5/8 inch bolt that was about 10 inches long and welded the seat mounting bracket to the bolt head, works pretty good.

solid rubber works for me as I am forever replacing tubes and repairing flats, due the sand burs and goat head stickers in this area so I decided to go solid this time and I like it, now I can ride almost anywhere I want.

got some switchblade grips, the leather is nice and looks good too, indexed three speed shifter will probably be replaced with a frame mounted stick but I am not sure yet.
Can we move this thread to the winter build off forum? not sure how to do this who do I PM?

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