Hood Rat, done, w/picture overload!

Re: Hood Rat, UPDATED with a sneak peak of the color scheme

I finished the paint, and assembled most of the bike.

The colors used were rust colored primer, and then the frame got a coat of metallic black. I then used a Duplicolor metallic clear coat on top of it. You can't tell from these photos, but the black really gleams. It makes for a great contrast against the flat rust of all of the parts.

This shot in the sunlight is my attempt to show the metallic gleam.

On the "tank," I have these "DeVille" signs that I'll be putting on each side.

I've got a lot of car/motorcycle parts on here. The hood ornament and the "DeVille" signs are from old cars, and the headlight, the taillight, the horn, the grips, and the saddlebag are motorcycle parts.

I still need to make a kickstand, and I need to finish wiring the lights. I'm not sure I'll wire the horn, and I'm not sure any of it will work on only six volts, but we'll see.


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
Re: Hood Rat, Built, Painted, and Almost Done!

WILD stuff man !!! Looks like a rocket ship, sit down strap in and take off !!!
Jul 22, 2009
Carmichael, CA
Re: Hood Rat, Built, Painted, and Almost Done!

Devon, I enjoyed meeting you guys out there tonight! You should post up a pic of that crazy bed frame cruiser you had out there!! That thing was insanely cool!
Feb 20, 2012
Re: Hood Rat, Built, Painted, and Almost Done!

a total, overall, MEAN looking ride! :D Very nice choice of parts and assembly
Re: Hood Rat, Small Details Update 7/5

Most of my time in the shop has lately been making my two scratch built frames, Science #1 and #2, but I did squeeze in a couple of small changes to the bike, and thought I'd update.

I added another car detail to the faux-tank. I got these "DeVille" pieces from e-bay.

I then heated up the laid back seat post that I had made, and bent it so that it wasn't a perfect 90 degrees. It's old posture had made it leaning downward, so I re-bent it at a slightly obtuse angle, so that the post comes straight back, parallel to the ground. It makes the seat position more comfortable.

Just have to test out the wiring, and then see if I can had the wires a bit better, and it's done!
Re: Hood Rat, Built, Painted, and Almost Done!

Last couple of touches were done today, and I think I'm ready to call this thing done! Ultimately, the wiring might be better if I had drilled some holes, and hidden them, but I decided against that kind of damage to this frame, and so, that cable from the back light is the only thing that bugs me a little. Overall, I'm very happy with the bike. I snapped just a couple of shots, as the light was wrong today. I'm hoping to get some good shots of the finished product tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's what I did.

I got a shot of the kickstand. The one I wanted to use was too long, so I heated it up, and bent it until it fit! Then I put some primer on it, same as all the other parts:

The one shot of the finished bike, with better shots coming soon: