Hood Rat

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I started off thinking I had plenty of time, but with other projects and work, it took much longer than I thought it would to close this build out. I'm proud of it, but here's a funny fact: It's not my type of bike. See, I had the idea all planned out, but the parts and pieces that spoke to me all assembled together formed a bike that's not my style. So, I love it, but I'll probably be selling it in the not too distant future. Next year, I'll probably go with something a little more stripped down.

ANNNYYYWWAAAYYY, here she is, and thank you for your consideration:

Dec 22, 2011
Dayton, Ohio
Really nice bike. I love the colors and the whole bike.

I know what you mean about the parts talking to you. I usually let the frame/parts decide what direction I take the bike.

Congrats on building an awesome ride....
Feb 20, 2012
Man i could get into those crazy pull back bars! Bike has a long, mean look to it. Hey, maybe C.C. Deville of Poison will see it and have to cruise it! :wink:
Nov 22, 2011
Wicked looking bike! I've seen a bunch of rat rod cars and trucks with no upholstery, just the seat springs also, nice touch.
texasbigjon said:
deven_science said:
texasbigjon said:
those bars look alot like the bars i used in RRBO4.
Really? Hit me with a link, I want to check them out!
Ahahaha! I've never seen that bike before, and yet, there are a few similarities. I guess there really isn't any truly original ideas anymore.

Nice bike, by the way. Did you make those bars?


I build stuff.
Jul 1, 2010
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Bike looks great, lots of cool little touches and it all blends well.

I used exercise bike pedals on my build off bike last year, very similar to those with the rubber straps, I eventually had to cut them off because the rubber stretches while riding and I came to a stop and my feet were stuck in the pedals and I almost fell over.