NERRB New England Rat Rod Bicycles

Sep 18, 2011
New Hampshire
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We are an informal group representing all six New England States. We are privileged here to have a vast network of trails to ride in that are both rural and urban in nature; but most importantly, great people dedicated to restoring vintage bicycles, customizing any type of bicycle and some that fearlessly use the chop saw and welder to fashion one-off rides of their own. In short, Yankee Ingenuity at its best!

We are engaged in one common interest – the preservation of the bicycle, the simple machine that through force of habit – rejuvenates.
Feb 25, 2009
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Re: RRB New England Chapter

ifitsfreeitsforme said:
We're NERRB!

Nick, I have a Fb page for us. But I think I remember hearing you don't do Fb.

I like that name...who's making t-shirts? :mrgreen:

Facebook isn't in my vocabulary, along with cellphones :lol:
Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma
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I think it would be a great idea to plop a pic of us here so we can make a connection if we happen to be at a show or swap.
I went to Monson swap yesterday, when I got home we jumped online to see everyones pics and finds. Turns out a few of us were elbow to elbow and didnt even know it. Ill start :mrgreen: