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When you showed me that boat and were explaining the process of building it and the mechanical engineering involved and everything else that you did to perfect it, I had only one thought and it was "...., That is so cool! I wish I was smart enough to understand what you were saying" I feel like your detailed description of all the different parts and how they worked was so utterly lost on me and it made me sad :( Anyway, that boat is way cool! Can we take it out on the Enfield ride? :D
Yes we can and you will be at the helm! :)
If anyone is interested, on May 19th on Plum Island, Plum Fest musical festival will be happening. No charge, free shuttle but for us we ride from band to band thruout the island. There are more than 50+ bands scheduled to play on the island in different locations; driveways, parking lots, balconies, on the beach, anywhere a band can set up. Last year was many bands to see all.....pick who you want to hear from the schedule and at what time. If anyone is interested, let me know. You can see info on Facebook....PlumFest 2018
Is this rain or shine cause weather cast looks wet. Any whooo , have a good time.
I recently sold my Jesse James chopper,nice chrome

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We don’t ride quite as often as we used to but we’re still around, I’m just outside of Springfield

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