Old Race Cars

Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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Recent discussion about six's got me to digging out some old race car pics. Feel free to add any personal pics you might have of old race cars no matter if it's round trackers, drag, or whatever to this thread.

Circa 1970. A Chevy II
This was a Hobby Class car. Had a 292 six in it. This car car had been raced for years and actually started out as a 57 Chevy.

A 1967 Chevelle. This was a Modified Class car and it had a solid lifter 427 ci engine in it. This was another car that had been raced for several years and it also was built on top of a 57 Chevy frame.They would run about a 5.08 gear in these cars. On 130 octane too.

A little later in time, about 1972. A brand new race car. This was a 1965 Chevelle. An early small block 350 ci with a roller cam set up. Had a better adjustable suspension than the earlier cars. The small block 350 with the roller cam could pour out gobs of accelaration. Almost overnight, all the big blocks were replaced in favor of the 350. That still holds true in many racing series today.

One of the last production body racers before they changed the rules and started making everyone run the generic plastic bodies in the Modified Class. Still based on a 57 Chevy frame and a roller cam 350.

One of my favorite drivers of all time. This was Don "Possum" Holcomb. He was fearless on the track. He went on and drove dirt trackers for several other teams around the Southeast untill he finally retired several years ago. Thanks!!!
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