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    • dropstep
      Forgot about this scrap pile save I got when buying the woman’s monark for its fork. Probably wouldn’t win anything but may try this if...
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    • dropstep
      I sent this photo to a friend last summer after he seen me riding my class 2 build and said we could do better. So looking forward to...
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    • dropstep
      Been riding the flightliner mostly but it got nice out so commuted on the spaceliner and my class 2 build from last year a few days.
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    • dropstep
      A friend seen my class 2 bike from last year and said we can do better. So I do have a plan for class 1 and 2 this year.
    • dropstep
      This is one of my favorites and I still ride it. I don’t ever place well but this one did worse then most
      • 502EEC08-3F11-486E-BE6C-7F6A2525A4C9.jpeg
    • dropstep
      dropstep replied to the thread Post Triple Threat Lovefest.
      I missed posting my final build and didn’t come back to vote, I wasn’t super useful in this one but normally like the winter build off
    • dropstep
      dropstep replied to the thread Road Salt.
      Finally got the test ride and some photos in the rain. Thought today was the last day to post but looks like I missed it
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    • dropstep
      dropstep replied to the thread Road Salt.
      Christmas is over and while I got several bicycle related things I didn’t get pedals so I grabbed some off Amazon. The name isn’t very...
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