Oct 14, 2006
petaluma, CA
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what's up ya'll. My name is justin, I live in northern california and I am glad to have found a place where weirdos like me can check out each others work, i love this site. For awhile there, I thought there weren't too many of us out there, boy was I wrong. Glad to be a part of this.
Anyways, I'm an electrician, I have a seven year old daughter, I work too much, love old bikes, cars, trucks, pretty much anything kustom and or old. I don't have as many bikes as some of you guys and girls but I do have a '48 higgins, '50's? western flyer, '60's? schwinn, '60"s or '70's rampar and some other things around that don't really have a brand name anymore, if you know what i mean. I also have a project '80 gs450 and an old '69 econoline hot rod. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with this site.
Sep 12, 2006
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welcome fellow weirdo

Glad to have ya, a fellow weirdo and bicycle outsider you'll find some really cool stuff and ideas! on here so post up some pics and stay tuned! :shock: :p
Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
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yeah, I love checking out this site. It seems like I can't talk to anyone about these old cruiser bikes. I try to explain it to friends, but they just think its all about mountain bikes. Now I start noticing vintage bicycles in comercials and movies.