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    What do i do when my chain comes off and im hauling ...?

    Reads to me like the chain is coming off of the front chain wheel. Try this test and report back. Raise the back wheel so that it will turn freely. Turn the pedals to make the wheel turn in a forward direction. Feel the tightness in the chain . Does it get tight , then slack , then tight again ...
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    Help me bling my townie
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    Dyno Von Franco

    Lucky score . It's usually that chain wheel that is badly rusted . Seat may be from another bike.
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    I do not know this subject. Thought came to mind that recipient may have to pay a fee. Ran the numbers through an online calculator and found that a gift valued at less than $100.00 USD is subject to VAT Tax of 10% on the total value of gift, shipping cost, and insurance. So, check into this...
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    Dyno Glide
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    Transporting stretch bike

    I have a cargo trailer that I use to take bikes to the car shows. Mounted 1 x 6 boards to floor standing on edge. Secured bikes with ratcheting cargo straps this worked good . But ! I was not pleased with the scrub marks on the Dyno Roadster sidewalls. So for transporting that I use a Hollywood...
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    Spaceliner serial number

    Are you looking for 26 inch ? Are looking for factory original , restoration ? General info- rims were chrome steel in a style called drop center 36 hole. Tires/ rim size 26x 1.75
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    Worksman Trike Front Drum Brake Port O Trike Trifecta

    I have not opened mine up yet. Kind of looks like the Atom Drum Brake. I have read that the linings may contain asbestos , so I will have another use for the N95 mask.
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    Need help in extending Sturmey Archer Shifter Cable
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    Need help in extending Sturmey Archer Shifter Cable

    Looks like standard Sportshift cable with large barrel on the end. Remove by sliding the barrel upwards thru the holes by #21 . It lifts out. Sturmey - Archer makes a connector for the other end called an anchorage. After the cable and cable housing are cut to their respective lengths , the...
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    Kona Hotrod
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    Pleasure cruise down South Mountain in MD/PA

    I like it ! Noticed all rim brakes. Are those Kool Stop Salmon brake pads on your ride? I imagine a coaster brake would have had brake fade.
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    Harris Cyclery - Store Closing

    Readers familiar with the Sheldon Brown website of technical information for all things bicycle, will know of the support carried on by Harris Cyclery after Sheldon died.
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    2 wheel drive hybrid ! Way to go !