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    Awesome Custom Dyno Ultra Glide GT Cruiser - New Belgium Fat Tire Theme

    For sale is a rare Dyno Ultra Glide cruiser bicycle. This awesome bike was made when Dyno was still part of GT Bikes, so it's around 15 years old. However, it's in pristine condition, with only a couple small scratches on the frame by the rear wheel and rust on the sprocket. Otherwise, it's in...
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    Splendiferous build my good man!
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    My Ordinary bicycle (NOW, video on page 3!)

    Splendiferous workmanship my good man! Where can I find some pedals like that for my Penny Farthing?
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    Penny Farthing 48"

    I've seen these in 28", 38", 48", and 52" sizes.
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    Penny Farthing 48"

    Here are a couple more pics from a recent steamy event.
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    Penny Farthing 48"

    How about we stay on topic? I couldn't care less about basketball.
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    Penny Farthing 48"

    I recently acquired a sweet reproduction Penny Farthing with a 48-inch front wheel. This boneshaker is a thing of beauty and it attracts tons of attention wherever I go! Here I am riding it on the boardwalk in San Diego: Here is a pic of me in the St. Patty's Day Parade: And here is a shot...
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    Issue 10 Kickstand Mag

    I was totally shocked to receive issue # 10, especially after Brad threatened to sue me for harassment. It's pretty thin and half of it are ads, but it is real! It only took two years to get three issues, so I'm not expecting the next one any time soon.
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    EBF Picnic Ride, Santee Lakes, Santee, CA 3/17/13

    I'll be there, and so will at least 40 other people riding stock and custom bikes. The Santee Lakes ride is very scenic and mellow, and this is the first time EBF is having a BBQ after the Santee ride. Bring your family and/or friends! Anyone is welcome to ride any non-motorized bike on this...
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    Kickstand Magazine Update

    Sorry to resurrect this issue, but Brad's Kickstand Magazine FB page goes on like nothing is wrong and that there are "big plans for 2013." Many people on the FB page are still expecting issues, and that even includes bike shops. I suggest that everyone visit his FB page, click the arrow next to...
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    Dual suspension cruiser

    There's a guy in Pacific Beach, Ca that has a patented rear suspension system for bikes. His company is called Rusty Spokes and the bikes are called Softcruisers. Maybe you can get some inspiration from his work. For some reason, he only has a couple models with dual suspension...
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    Kickstand Magazine Update

    I suggest that everyone who hasn't received a refund and who still has outstanding issues report Brad Evans and KSM for mail fraud. Here's a link: I have been requesting a refund for over six months, and I get nothing but lies and the runaround...
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    Re: POST PHOTOS HERE FOR THE GALLERY PAGE One-of-a-kind Electra Super Deluxe.
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    Unique Electra Super Deluxe

    I'm a big Electra fan, and this unique Super Deluxe is my fourth Electra cruiser. It is a company one-off that was made to see what the color scheme looks like in person. Since they didn't produce this color scheme, there are only two in existence; one men's and one women's. I really like the...