Maybe I should join bmx bo

I bought this tonight. I wanted something to ride around driveway with the kids. I like these long frames.

Anyone know what year it is? MV001410 is stamped in the bb shell. I had no luck researching it. I’m guessing early 90s?

The rear FEMCO rim is bent. So much that I can’t true it. Might attempt dissembling it and straightening somehow, then relacing it. Or should I get new wheels? I kinda wanna keep it a beater.

Anyway ...

I’m sure I overpaid for this thing.

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the head badge reads "2500". 250th day of the year 2000, correct? or 1990?
Looks 1990. There is probably a Gxxxx stamped on the rear drops...that is the Giant date code.
a little more research confirmed it was produced on September 7th, 1990 as a 1991 model (matches picture in 1991 catalog). Pretty cool what four numbers can tell you.

there is also a useless number on the bb shell, but no number on the rear drops.

I'm just going to clean it up and ride it. Perhaps enter it in the b.o..
Jul 25, 2016
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Looks like a fun rider, the chrome steel wheels arent great, look around for an aluminum rim or rim set.

Throw a banana seat on it, mess with some people, it'll will be a wheelie machine.
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