OCC Stingray CHOPPER build 😎

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Oct 20, 2021
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Hmmm I’m stuck.

the fork neck tube flares out to to 27.06m at the very bottom (25.4 for the rest of the neck)


The crown race I have is 26.12 mm

Here is the gap to be pressed:

I can’t get this to seat down at all. I’m applying a good amount of force I think! The crown race has to stretch almost a whole millimeter? (.94mm)

do these measurements sound right?
Oct 20, 2021
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Ok then. Back to the drawing board. Here is what I was sent about the headset


the product code ec30/25.4 ec30/26 should have tipped me off if I knew about it. If I follow cane creeks code system I need a ec30/27 lower cup and bearing.

wow I’m learning soooo much. Thanks for all the help Hammpea!! I will reach out to cane creek 🤞🏾 If they don’t make it I might have to go hunt for another headset (will be the 4th purchased for this project 😂 accidentally bought a 1 inch thread less headset made for integrated headsets DOH!)

Also found another discussion from someone in a similar situation as me:
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Jul 10, 2018
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Ok, I read your edit, you know the correct lower sizing to ask for.

Are you also sure the 1-1/8'' cup adapter is 1'' EC30? Should be listed with the model, double check that as well.
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Oct 20, 2021
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Bruce is one inch taller than me at 5’7” 🥵. And I’m shrinking by the day :(

got my fork situated. I spend over two weeks looking for a compatible 1 inch JIS 27mm crown race that would fit into this really nice cane creek fourty 1 inch threadless headset. I tried 27mm sunlite, tange, seiki, vintage shimano dura ace and J&L (still shipping from Taiwan ). None fit right. still waiting on J&L.. I was losing hope.

I was considering machining my forks’s crown shoulder down to 26.4mm. I was considering replacing and pressing in a new 1 1/8 neck tube onto the fork. I even ended up ordering a very trick Chris king headset with factory custom cups made for my very situation (1 inch fork on a frame that was made to accept 1 1/8) but it was still missing a crown race. None of my various crown races fit the Chris king headset either. i haven't checked yet but I bet the cane creek crown race is compatible with the Chris king headset I have. I will dig into that some other time.

Either way I ended up just buying a flapper sanding wheel and honed out the Inner diameter of the cane creek crown race with my drill press. This a chopper project, right? I’ll be ...... if I don’t end up chopping something up! So here it is. All fitted:




I used the pvc pipe method 😎

onto trimming the fork tube… I got a few ideas up my sleeve to maintain length on the fork…
Oct 20, 2021
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As she sits. Also picked up a tc bros diy custom sissy bar. It’s heavy 😭

any tips on where to trim head tube? I would imagine about 4mm below where the stem top cap would be? I will be using pipe cutter.


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Jul 2, 2015
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As she sits. Also picked up a tc bros diy custom sissy bar. It’s heavy 😭View attachment 184869

any tips on where to trim head tube? I would imagine about 4mm below where the stem top cap would be? I will be using pipe cutter.
I'd leave as much as you can as it's much harder to put it back than it is to cut it off. If you leave a little too much, you can always fine tune it with a sander or grinder.
Oct 20, 2021
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Idle hands, too much mind, change of plans.

found more info on these springer forks. Came on “coach linkage” chopper bike from phatbikes.uk (produced in the 2010s?) sold by 3g bikes.
So I did get this fork all mounted onto the OCC…… then I saw this silly picture on facebook:
Not sure who built it. Ignore the seating.
I got fixated on the idea of extending the rear while adding rear suspension. I also began looking at this frame more. The WCC chopper bicycle. It always looked too short too me and the front needed more rake. With the extend forks and new stance of the extended rear, the proportions looks so good to me.

the more I looked, things just sorta happen and I found my self with this guy:



A tidy example with 20x3 Inch wheels front and back. Only has a rear coaster brake.
Im now switching chopper platforms from OCC to WCC. With them sitting next to each other it’s clear that the WCC is of better build quality. The occ is much more “toy” like to me now.

This springer fork plus the 24in front OCC wheel gives the WCC almost +5 inch fork extension. Still need to extend the two fork springer tubes… I’m trying to keep as much length as possible in these forks. others have trimmed the main tubes down to compensate for trimming the fork neck. But I decided to keep as much length on the forks and only trimmed the neck and now will extend the two springer tubes and rework the lower spring.

About 3 inches of length was cut off the 1 inch diameter fork neck tube. This scrap was cut down in half and inserted into the the springer tubes to extend using extra 1 1/8 tubes I had laying around. I set star nuts inside and will use headset top cap and bolts to hold the tubes together. I will also use headset top caps to plug the main fork tubes (I set star bits in the main tubes too).

I’m looking for unique 1 inch top caps for accents. Anyone got gold colored cane creek 1 inch headset top caps?

OCC neck tube is 6.75 inches. WCC neck tube is 6.5 inches. measured with no cups. Fork is cut so that it can work for either WCC or OCC 😬

Installed using the NOS polished cane creek forty series headset 😎. Took the fork apart for neck tube trimming. Gonna trace these bits on paper too. Maybe I’ll try to custom fab my own set someday. didnt have a spring compressor. Would be cool to plate the spring gold? I’m think gold tiny bits all over the chrome bike




Next is rear OCC extension plus rear wheel onto the WCC…not sure how this will work out yet but I’ve always been a fan of the rear of the OCC (chain stay/rear fork and rear wheel) . Can’t call it a chopper until you chop something right? Looking for a spare chrome occ frame to chop up now.

i will end up using all the extra parts I have left over to complete the first OCC as well, but now it has become the forgotten child. Sorry!


Those are the WCC forks. I should just mount them in the OCC. Point of notice: the WCC fork tubes are 1 1/2 inch diameter. 💪🏽 Occ and springer fork tubes are 1 1/8



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Oct 20, 2021
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Got my eye on tire:


Not sure if I can fit a 5 inch wide tire on the back though

if not fit I’m thinking this one:


Going with moto tires because I’ll eventually add a swing arm mount 10000w motor 😎

Anyone know what sizes moto tires might fit on a 24 in bicycle wheel? Shopping for front tires too
Oct 23, 2011
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little back story: discovered occ stingrays through the ebike world. They have a bit of a following to be motorized (both gas and electric actually). Through the several builds I saw, I learned of peddle choppers.com and the owner jim wilson. He’s seemed to be into these these things for a very long time and is dedicated to them. I thought he would be a great resource but turns gout he’s a kind of a jerk. All he wanted from me was money it seems. And he got a good amount of money from me! Several parts came from him. well more like just resold and ordered to me becuase he doesn't really seem to keep much of the stock listed on hand.

I had my heart set on these 3g forks and I let him know that. he insisted that I have the forks sent to him so he could fit them for me (and make $$). I’m a “built, not bought” type of person so I did not send him the forks. He was bitter about it and has refused to help answer some questions. He insists that I, and no one around me will be able to fit these fork on a occ. I took that as a “hold my beer” moment. So here I am. Learning and getting my hands dirty.

he even banned me from all the Facebook groups he runs related to these stingrays. 😂. He should rename all his groups to “peddle chopper$$$.com fan club buy from me only”

Sorry for rant anyways:
Had some time to mess around fitting the forks. I’m using a fork tube shim/spacer I found on eBay. It reduces the fork tube to accept a 1” thread less headset. These springer forks are 1” tube diameter.

View attachment 182423
View attachment 182420
this will be my first headset installation as well and a little confused by all the pieces
View attachment 182429
View attachment 182421
cups are in only temporarily. I’m waiting on a NOS chrome crane creek headset before I set the star nut. I think I’ll need help when the time comes. I’m not sure of placement of the 2nd to thinnest washer.

I’m trying to decide on fork placement on the neck tube. I’ve always liked the idea of long and low for choppers. So to preserve as much length to the bike as possible I’m toying with the idea of using spacers instead of trimming the fork head tube. Longer fork means longer bike but also means taller bike. I’m trying to find a balance between bike length, bike hight and frame level. Do any of these set ups look like the bad kind of weird?

I could trim the fork tube and use no spacers. Bike already tilted up from fork length…
View attachment 182426

Spacers top and bottom. Looks ok… I might have to keep some spacer up top so spring doesn’t bang against triple tree on big bumps…
View attachment 182428

Spacer on bottom for max length and height. hows the frame level look? ridiculous? i wonder how this would handle.
View attachment 182424
how to manage this gap from the flare?
View attachment 182425
No reason to do this right? all spacer up top Looks 🥴. should have done a shot from further back to see proportions.
View attachment 182422

tempted to take springer apart. shorten spring up top? Not sure if that’s even possible with out shortening other tubes.
thinking about headlight placement. Maybe a triangle light and a flat rectangle light together if I can make the room. Clip on handle bars? The ape bars went on another bike
View attachment 182427

Also got my springer seat post. Is there a way to remove the seat mount off the post?
I’ve never mounted a banana style seat before. Custom seat will also have springers in the back so I think the front mount needs some kind of floating nut to allow for movement? Ideas?
View attachment 182430
I've had similar experiences with Mr. Wilson from pedalchoppers. Free advice and technical specs will be ignored or he will do his best to steer you back to his products. If he doesn't smell any chance for incoming $$$, he will tell you what you're doing is impossible or unsafe.
Feb 20, 2018
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I like your enthusiasm. Your fork troubles remind of my first steps in ratroding where I simply cut the crown race because it wouldn't fit the fork.
I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with that dude too because it reminded me of my grief with some bike shops only looking to make a dirty sale.
Have you actually had a look at the Felt choppers (Torch, Scyth, Bandit...)

or Nirve choppers (Switchblade, Cannibal)?
Apr 26, 2022
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Hi guys. Been lurking for a little bit, glad to join the community. This current build is to satisfy my longing of my motorcycle days and combine it with my new found interest in cargo/utility ebikes that I’ve recently built that I ride around the urban city that I live in.

What I love about this forum is the personal style, creativity and handiwork displayed by members here. I find crossover in that aspect with the chopper motorcycle dudes. It’s refreshing coming from tech dudes over in the ebike community.

here is an initial piecing together of parts. held together by gravity as I get a feel for what the heck im doing.

I found the frame and all the schwinn occ stingray bits in a pile for sale for $50. Was missing rear wheel and little things here and there (triple tree top plate, handle bars). Since than, I’ve acquired a couple extra sets of occ rear wheels and tires just in case. Also came with a kids version rear fender( ?)

im infatuated with springer forks on choppers motorcycles so I dropped the dough on 3g linkage forks 💸💸💸💵💵💰💰

frame extenders, ape bars and sturmey archer front hub brake and wheel from peddlechoppers.com

I’m liking the shape so far.

Im figuring out how to adapt the 1inch fork to the 1 1/8 fork tube on the frame. I have an adapter kit but thinking about spacers on the bottom of the fork tube or to trim the tube and lose over all bike and fork length. (Try to balance the long to the low, you know?) also seating. I want a nice king queen with suspension sissy bar setup. View attachment 181301View attachment 181302View attachment 181303View attachment 181304View attachment 181305View attachment 181306
That's coming together nicely

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