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Raleigh and Schwinn Framesets and parts

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Nov 1, 2019
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Lubbock, Texas
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Over the weekend I went to a backyard bike mechanic shop looking for some klunker parts and came home with a few extra frames.

Frameset 1 - Raleigh Sports 24" $45 plus shipping.

There is a small dent in the top tube just in front of the seat post, otherwise, it seems very straight.

Raleigh Sports 24 1.png

Raleigh Sports 24 2.png

That is dirt on the fender and chainguard - very little rust.

Frameset 2 - Schwinn 10-speed (?) $45 plus shipping.

Schwinn 10 1.png

Schwinn 10 2.png

If you want the parts but not the frames, I can strip them and box them up - still $45, but the shipping should be much less.

Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

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