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  1. Atomos

    New Member - Vancouver Canada

    I've been preserving vintage Vespas and bikes for several years now. My latest bike project is a 1964 J.C. Higgins Flightliner, which I found partially in its original state. My current focus is on cleaning it up and getting it ready to roll for spring. I'm on the lookout for a front rack for...
  2. U

    Schwinn Stingray Chopper

    I was thinking of buying this bike, it's never been ridden what would be a fair offer ? Many thanks, Bob
  3. Mingo

    Adding room brakes to a '59 Schwinn

    Hello! I've got a '59 Schwinn that I usually ride with a coaster brake. I blew that out finally and all I have on hand to replace is a 6 speed hub. All bueno, but I can't stop now. My frame has the flat fender mount and a caliper brake would need crazy reach to get to the rim. I really want to...
  4. Modelcarjedi

    71 Schwinn Collegiate Manta Clone build

    I picked this up in a trade a year ago. It’s finally made its way onto my bike stand. I had some parts from another failed/stalled project laying around so I mocked it up today. The plan is simple, down and dirty. I’m only fixing and lubing what I have to. Ride and repair as needed! The paint is...
  5. One-eyed Sailor

    Road Trip

    Got the word that the project I'm managing will be delayed 2-3 weeks while they sort out design changes. I said, "Awesome! I'm going to head to warmer climes for a couple of weeks!" My son, his wife and two kiddos moved to Texas almost three years ago and decided to visit them. I packed my dog...
  6. 77 Schwinn

    77 Schwinn

    Smoooooth ride.
  7. Chiller662

    New Member from New Jersey

    I have been collecting for a little while . Currently I have four bikes due to working out of my basement untill I can afford a garage. First up is my 1957 Pleasureliner It looks pretty good now but has it's got the ridden look that I was going for. Next is my 1960s Jet pilot I did clean it up...
  8. LarzBahrs

    Crusty Schwinn cruiser 5/ klunker rider

    Up for grabs is this crusty August of 78 cruiser. Has a early post war locking Springer and s2s with a rear atom drum, double pan seat. Should be a solid project. Wheels look like they will clean up in decently. Frame has a very slight flat spot in one of the canti tubes by the seat post but...
  9. Modelcarjedi

    SOLD 1957 Schwinn Tiger middleweight

    1957 Schwinn Middleweight cruiser bike. Unrestored classic. This is a 26” bike with a 3speed rear hub. 300 obo local pick up only. I am located in Havre De Grace Md.
  10. Modelcarjedi

    66 Schwinn Typhoon 2 speed

    Picked this up a few years ago and it’s been basically sitting. Nothing fancy just a nice solid typhoon. I love these bikes. I’ll give her a bubble bath and some fresh lube. I’m kinda scared to pop that rear hub apart. It shifts fine but it’s in need of some fresh grease.
  11. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    So, another nice story of me getting a vintage American bike in Europe is here :) First of all, yes, i do have unfinished projects, but this one is different! (Ha-ha, but true this time) I was not intending to buy it, but i saw an ad on dutch Marktplaats with this photos: The ad said 1950's...
  12. S

    69 Schwinn Pea Picker-WANTED

    hey everyone. I am new to this so bare with me if I post in the wrong area. Just wondering if anyone out there has a 1969 Schwinn Pea Picker up for sale? Looking to purchase for my dad who dreamed about having that bike as a kid. Anyway, let me know and I appreciate your time.
  13. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Vintage 1950 ladies balloon tire Schwinn Starlett tank bicycle LOCAL P/U in RI

    Great winter restoration project. An antique all original bike with tank rack and part of the headlight.. This is not rideable as it it.. NO shipping,sorry LOCAL PICK UP ONLY in southern RI in Ashaway
  14. Mesquite Hugger

    Raleigh and Schwinn Framesets and parts

    Over the weekend I went to a backyard bike mechanic shop looking for some klunker parts and came home with a few extra frames. Frameset 1 - Raleigh Sports 24" $45 plus shipping. There is a small dent in the top tube just in front of the seat post, otherwise, it seems very straight. That...
  15. Jbyrd666

    Schwinn straightbar year?

    I got this frame yesterday from a good friend of mine for free... Well I owe her a "Favor" lol. Anyways she told me it's a 74 Schwinn frame but I can't find it when I look up the serial numbers (F96073746) Anywhere? Idk what year or what kinda Schwinn it is but all I know is I've been looking...
  16. Jeff Carroll

    55 Faded Phantom

    A guy walks into our bicycle shop and says he's got a bike in the back of his truck that he wants to donate to us. Usually, this means they have a clapped-out Walmart bike that they don't want to drive out to the city dump. But, to our surprise and pleasure, it turned out to be a little gem...
  17. Mesquite Hugger

    Schwinn/Bendix 26" 2-speed NO LONGER FOR SALE

    The hub shifts and brakes nicely, rim is straight and all spoke have good tension. It comes with a new Kenda tire (specific for the English Schwinn rim) and a new Sunlite tube. $130 shipped to continental US lower 48. Paypal or Venmo only. Thanks for checking it out!
  18. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Vintage 1952 Schwinn boys 26" balloon tire project . LOCAL PICK UP IN RI ONLY

    Great project for restoration or rat rod Missing: rear fender,chainguard,badge and correct crank(it has replacement chain and pedals) I DID find a replacement rear fender,included for the price $150 cash with porch pick up in southern RI zip code 02804 Thanks,Jeff
  19. Steveo99

    Hand Crafted Hub Shiners

    Jeweled Bicycle Hub Shiners. I can customize in Black Genuine Leather or Natural Genuine Leather. This purchase includes 1 Handed Crafted Front and 1 Hand Crafted Rear Hub Shiner. Right now you can choose the jewel to be red, blue, or light teal. Each jewel is made of a high quality hard...
  20. T

    Schwinn Fat tire attempt

    Hey Everyone, I have a Schwinn del mar running 26 x 2.125 tires. The question, is there a way to get 3-inch tires on this bike? My main concern is the back wheel(as the front doesn't sound that hard). I already know that 26x3s won't work at all. So I wanted to see if I could do 24x3s in the...