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  1. Roxyspapa

    New Departure Blackout

    Decided to pull apart and clean and inspect rear coaster hub before mounting new tubes n tires. New lube on deck. Pretty cool to see. It’s the first one I’ve pulled apart
  2. BartRidesEternal

    Barts "Eternal" Builds: page 2, fun junk klunker build!

    A while ago I promised some pictures of my builds. There was not much time to post new pictures lately (a new familymember is coming :) ). And a lot of picture hosting sites are not free anymore, or only temporarily. I always have some bicycles to build and create, so I thought: Let's just...
  3. rev106

    Coaster Brake Challenge 21

    Coaster Brake Challenge 21 by Paul de Valera, on Flickr Coaster Brake Challenge is a mtb off road rally series where you can ride a bike armed only with a coaster brake. No gears, multi-speed internal hubs or additional hand or other kinds of brakes allowed. This event has been going on for...
  4. stretcharmstrong

    dyno roadster 1997
  5. LukeTheJoker

    (ORBO) MasterSports/CyclePro revamp finished!

    About time this showed up here, I have not done anything to it since I finished the heatsink back in January! This is basically my ultimate bike for when I was back in high school, light enough and small enough to throw around and skid, but strong enough to take the hits. I didn't change...