(ORBO) MasterSports/CyclePro revamp finished!

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Nov 17, 2012
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Broken Hill, Australia
About time this showed up here, I have not done anything to it since I finished the heatsink back in January!


This is basically my ultimate bike for when I was back in high school, light enough and small enough to throw around and skid, but strong enough to take the hits.

I didn't change anything with the frame/forks/cranks/stem and bars, they are exactly as they came from @kelvin hahnel when I received the bike off him, I added a layback post and an unbranded Gyes saddle, but the main focus of my attention was on the wheelset for this awesome ride.

I dug through my parts pile and found an original set of Araya 7X rims, the front was laced to a nice Sunshine high flange hub, so that was good, but the rear was offset laced to a 5 speed cluster, not only that but the rim was bent! I unlaced the rear and manage to slowly get it back to almost straight, and then laced it into a 'Hotrodded' KT Coaster hub using the Coaster Culture video as a reference, I was able to get the rear wheel nice and straight during the truing process. The tires were hard to find, I wanted some nice 'proper' gumwall tires, managed to find these 26x2.125 'Hwa Fong' made in Taiwan tires cheap and they fit the look perfectly, they also ride nice!


The 'Hotrodded' KT coaster rides really nice, easily the best coaster I have ever ridden on, but I wanted a little more, so built an aluminium heatsink for the brake, it seems to work really well, moves a lot of air when spinning, but I have yet to really try it out on a long decent.


The build thread can be found here: http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/in...orts-cyclepro-heatsink-done-and-fitted.96126/

I love riding this bike! :thumbsup:

Ah, the elusive man-sized bmx bike, right down to the gumwalls. :cool2::cool2:.
:thumbsup: That is it! It rides like a BMX too! Perfect partner to my 'Joker' BMX from a couple of years ago...
Sweet Ride Luke! That custom heat sink is awesome. [emoji106] [emoji106]

Building... riding...
Thanks MC! I still have plans for V2.0 somewhere down the track...

That heatsink is insane!
And across the line! Looks good! I am curious as to how much heat that sink dissipates, I wonder how hard it would be to do a test?
And across the line! Looks good! I am curious as to how much heat that sink dissipates, I wonder how hard it would be to do a test?
Just a matter of finding a big hill I guess!