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  1. Atomos

    New Member - Vancouver Canada

    I've been preserving vintage Vespas and bikes for several years now. My latest bike project is a 1964 J.C. Higgins Flightliner, which I found partially in its original state. My current focus is on cleaning it up and getting it ready to roll for spring. I'm on the lookout for a front rack for...
  2. A

    Monark / J.C. Higgins 24" Chainguard (Top Dollar)

    Looking for this chainguard, which came on 1956-1957 Monark Rocket 24" middleweight. It was also used on the J.C. Higgins 24" middleweight from the same time period. Any condition. Top dollar paid.
  3. Roxyspapa

    49 Higgins - Westfield/Columbia built

    Busy morning while watching TV and eating leftovers on my day off!! LOL. Reworked truss rods, skiptooth chain sized and mounted, re-assembled ND coaster brake, greased and adjusted all bearings that I’ve recently pulled apart for deep clean and inspection, rebuilt pedals I recently disassembled...
  4. Binz

    Swamp Thing. Finished shots

    Here's my finished build! 1946 Huffman built Firestone Pilot 1930s schwinn wheel set New 26x2.125 tires Modifed JC higgins beehive springer Hawthorne rear rack Schwinn pedals Lobdell long spring saddle reupholstered in alligator by Bill Moon Laid back seat post Custom fabricated handlebars...
  5. JKJK

    JC Higgins

    Can anyone tell me the year and maybe an approximate value on this bike, in pretty solid shape and have all the paperwork if that helps...IMG_2396 by JKJK posted Apr 30, 2016 at 11:00 AM Paperwork by JKJK posted Apr 30, 2016 at 11:00 AM
  6. 10mando


    Cruise your city right with this one of a kind LED bike light. The EL PATO BIKE LIGHT is custom made from upcycled tin cans. Perfect for any bicycle. Handmade with pride. 100% Original. Each light comes with a bracket, washers, & nuts for easy assembly. One size. 9V battery included. H- 4" L-...