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  1. Wizdohmbuilds

    LowCaine the Mirada

    This is what I’m starting with I havnt don’t anything yet so the first two pics are just my starters. I’m on the hunt for some different parts and also ordering a few for it so I will of course be posting as I get parts and what I’m doing to the frame in the mean time. If you guys have seen my...
  2. metalchewy

    Scrambled Eggs - Finished

    I've had difficulty giving this one away. When I get full on bikes a lot of times I give them to people around me that I care about who would like to ride them. Long stories short, right after i finished it, I gave it to my god-daughter... she rode it a few times ... It came back. I gave it...
  3. Bike from the Dead

    POISON APPLE: '79 Schwinn Fair Lady Trike

    Well, this was a complete surprise to me, but it looks like I'm going to enter my first Muscle Bike Build Off this year too! I just got this 1979 Schwinn Fair Lady and the 2 mountain/road/track/idk bikes sitting behind it for FREE off of Facebook Marketplace earlier this afternoon! I can't say I...