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  1. Roxyspapa

    49 Higgins - Westfield/Columbia built

    Busy morning while watching TV and eating leftovers on my day off!! LOL. Reworked truss rods, skiptooth chain sized and mounted, re-assembled ND coaster brake, greased and adjusted all bearings that I’ve recently pulled apart for deep clean and inspection, rebuilt pedals I recently disassembled...
  2. GarveyJ

    Found 1950's Straight Bar Frame

    I'm a newbie and I am looking for a Panther straight bar frame and came across this one for $50. The serial number dates it back to 1950 but not sure what the model was. Do all the models that have a straight bar frame from 1950's use the same frame? Looks like a good find but just wondering...
  3. sludgeguy

    51 Schwinn garage hanger

    I just was given this, according to serial number and the original owner, 51 Schwinn straight bar. He was given it for Christmas in 1951 when he was 9. He lived on a farm and he and the bike had went through everything together. It has some mismatched parts, which he explained. The fenders look...
  4. scorpius


    First seat is a vintage Troxel made seat , the metal is good but the top is nice and crusty The second seat is a Schwinn wide and large seat w/ Schwinn badge on the rear , this is a larger seat appx the size of a motorcycle saddle so must be very comfortable great for a bike , beach cruiser or...