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  1. Bike from the Dead

    POISON APPLE: '79 Schwinn Fair Lady Trike

    Well, this was a complete surprise to me, but it looks like I'm going to enter my first Muscle Bike Build Off this year too! I just got this 1979 Schwinn Fair Lady and the 2 mountain/road/track/idk bikes sitting behind it for FREE off of Facebook Marketplace earlier this afternoon! I can't say I...
  2. Ajames

    The Army Brat

    This is a 1973 freedom spirit adult tricycle, sold at Sears. Although I don't like modifying a vintage bike, that's just not me, so I threw on a mountain bike front suspension, 48volt hub motor, hydraulic disc brakes, 12volt lighting system and weld the support it would need for higher speeds.
  3. PublicNuisance

    RRBBO13 Big Ron's Resto-Mod

    Better late than never! I am FINALLY back. As usual, things are crazy busy here, but I've been blessed with the opportunity for some awesome customer builds. I am jumping in on this a little late, but excited none the less. This build is for Big Ron Jones (a Speedway, Indiana fixture) and we'll...
  4. bad news

    post trike pictures

    can you guys post picture of trike that you have built or have saved to see the things that have been done to them :D