█★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Finished in a Tie for 7th

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Thanks 2D, I'm not sure which I like better the Nanner Brace for the JC Girvin Beehive or the Brake Actuated Water Can Spout Gangway Horn.
You can't have favorites, you got love all your creative touches equally Pappy.
Another great build Brian!
I predict another top 5 finish!


Thanks Luke!
I'll be happy with any votes that I get, but I'm not even trying to think (or worry) where I will fall in the final rankings. As usual there are some incredible bikes out there this year!!!! Watching the other builds inspired me throughout the build off.
Great job Brian. This place wouldn't be the same without you, Rg

Thanks buddy. It's easy to fit right into this cuckoo's nest. :D:crazy:
Great job, possibly your coolest yet, though I'm not going to say definitely 'cause they've all been so darn cool. Top 5 material for sure.:113:

Thank Link! I do like the cool factor of this one. I tried to stay true to the patina of the seat, frame, and bars. It's my newest build, so that makes it my favorite for now. It's definitely the best rider (just ahead of Flexy).
Hey B! Killer bike man. Great seeing it develope. YBJ2B!!

Thanks brother!!! I'm still busy trying to post more of the photos, videos and such! It was a blast to build and it has been a blast to drive and ride to places around Savannah taking photos to show off both the bike and the area.
Consistently excellent. The King Fish in a big pond.

Another Great bike!! So many cool details.:eek::D:cool: I like the way you made the red components and white tires pop off the cool patina. Nice Job!! Great pics too.

Thanks Steve! It was a fun challenge to try and make everything look like it should go together. I had fun riding and taking pics the past couple of days too.
Consistently excellent. The King Fish in a big pond.


Thanks buddy! I am driven by the amazing work that everyone does here on RRB. It pushes me to push myself.

I salute you this build has me seeing star's, very nice.

Glad you like it! The STARS were all of the Build Off builders! Now that it's over, we can go to the BARS!!
Kingfish!! :praise: I loved watching this build and the bike turned out perfect. I'm glad you added tons of photos too, I just can't get enough of this bike. Congrats!!
I could look at this bike all day. I would love to ride this one too. Just looking at all the cool little extras is what makes it special! Every time a click on your thread I find something new on it that I didn't notice the previous time I looked. Super cool! Well done buddy!