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I haven't voted yet, thanks for the warning. I wouldn't want you to lose all your marbles! :113:
200 (10).gif

If I saw that coming down the street I would think it was a modern bike, so you kind of demonstrate that old design does not have to be left to get old but it can remain as fresh as today. Like us!

I am impressed! :)
Thank you very much
Congrats on finishing 10th brother!!! The LoCoMoFo's finished 3rd-3rd-10th-13th!!! Way to represent the LoCo!!!!
Thanks to everyone for the votes. 10th place seems incredibly high against such a stacked field of folks. I just sat back and went for a simple, but "flashy" approach. Old and new. Retro and modern.

This old golden girl was lucky to have been spared the crusher that day and she deserved some glory. Such an incredible time even with the lows and setbacks experienced during the process

Looking forward to next year, possibly a two class showing ( :39: ), and any other mini builds that pop up along the way