SWB0 🇭🇲 Sprint 12 - Done.

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Replacement Seat post now arrives Monday - apart from that - all the detail bits are sorted.

I did buy a 26mm post earlier in the process (another weird standard BTW), a 2nd-hand one, but when it arrived it looked like it had been cleaned up with an angle grinder (seriously) and was beyond redemption. I don't like seat guts so we go again. And wait.

Anyway, It rides very nicely, silent, apart from the reasonably quiet freewheel when coasting.

It shifts really well and I haven't had to adjust the derailleurs at all. Even pre-indexed Shimano was better than the Euro's. No wonder it killed 'em.

I've done a few 12km rides on it now and it's a very nice feel-good machine. I'm not locked in on the saddle. I have a Brooks C17 that I could pinch of another bike. But the red trim and padding is 80's funky.

Sealed cartridge BB, a sealed bearing headset, everything else cleaned and new grease.

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I like everything you said, and did here. Form and function, like peanut butter and jelly.