1956 Roadmaster w/ Harbor Freight 79cc

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Sep 9, 2020
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Plymouth, Ma
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I purchased this Roadmaster from original owner for $50, was planning on flipping it but my current Roadmaster needed to be completely rebuilt and it was pieced together and scheduled to be rebuilt this spring ...voila 75% there.
Took the seat from my Zeppelin , racks, tank, cranks, clutch cover from the other roadmaster. Bike eas disassembled and cleaned greased etc... I'll be swapping out some original parts for better condition ones.. The paint is in pretty nice condition with just a soap bath and wax...bearings still very nice. I put up a video of it on my FB Art page. I'll update with still pics and progress as I go.

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The paint is in great shape, not really sure if I want to gore than just wash and wax before it gets put together final. Threw on an Indian bell I got in a trade a while back.


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Been going through the bike slowly and everything has been cleaned, greased and given a coat of Penetrol...the motor needs some parts for upgrades, and proper tires.. right now I'm trying to just use stuff I can make or have put aside over time, the motor and controls were sitting from last spring...just got back to work and was able to make my motor mount plate, my CAD guy at work isnt coming back so I lost truss rod guy. I didnt have a rear rack that looked "right"..aka..a hot rod paperboy bike from the era, so I cut up a wall hanger radio flyer and it works. Ues , I have Super Fantastic Mrs. Who puts up with me, I have a 52 schwinn built BF GoodRich skiptooth we picked up for her last year that's up next to be gone through.
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Quick kill switch and brake cable ferrule from some air/fuel fittings. Bike is just about there... recovering seat this weekend with some nice aged naugahyde I grabbed off a shop chair here at work, chains and cables in the mail from a trade, been working on my pinstriping skills to be able to outline tank flames/-n- eyeball when I get to painting them.
Recovering a prewar 3 spring.. first go didn't go. I tried some naugahyde I pulled off an old chair at work...it covered and formed well, but folding/and gluing under the pan caused wrinkles on the seat..naugahyde doesn't have enough stretch. We have an upholstery shop at work in another building so I went over on lunch and picked the guys brain.. 4 way stretch upholstery fabric. Last pic is of the new cover glued to just the pad top (no bends or curves..I'll do those tonite.)