1958 Phillips Lightweight

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Apr 21, 2022
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Bought a 1958 Phillips Lightweight from a guy who said it had been hanging up in a barn for 40 years. I took it apart to rebuild and came across a womens 1963 version. Except this one had a Strumey-Archer three speed, rear brakes, and better rims.

I did not want to ruin the decals and loved the patina of the original frame, so I cleaned it, reapplied the yellow pin striping (a bit heavier than original) and clear coated it (4 coats, sanding in between).

I love the result and after screwing up and breaking the indicator, I learned how to set the gearing in a Sturmey-Archer and now? I enjoy the ride!! Very proper English riding experience. Very "straight up" riding!


phillips 1.jpg
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It is so cool to ride. I had my doubts about buying it initially but after I rode it the first time before restoration I was hooked.
Wow! That is beautiful! I love a good english 3 speed. Almost impossible not to smile while riding one.

Question? Did you do anything to protect the brakes from rusting? I have similar brakes on a bike in my possession now and they almost instantly rusted after I cleaned them up.
For all the stainless I brushed it all with a brass brush to remove the rust then buffed it all on a polishing wheel. So far so good. I figure is the rsut comes back a small brass brush will take care of it. The brake pads, I had to reuse the John Bull brake pads...I mean an English bicycle needs those! They are hard as heck and squeak horribly but they stop the bike and are "authentic"