20" KTM 50 Powered GP Race Bike

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Aug 31, 2013
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Heres my newest build for racing in the Socal Motor Bicycle Racing Series. Its a 24" GT BMXer that I made a new front triangle for a longer wheelbase and increased fork rake. It has 20" wheels and a KTM 50 engine. The fairing is for a Yamaha YSR 50 and fits perfect but I did have to cut it for pedal clearance (Rules say bike must be able to be pedaled).

I agree, very cool. I've thought of using a moped engine, but the little dirt bike engine makes sense.
I look at this bike once a day..great looking bike.
Amazing me the builds and ideas people come up with.

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The vid looks slow but the speed was 45mph which is what I geared it for the longest straight at the track we race at next and the class I run it in hits about 45. With higher gearing it would be well over 50mph but the track isn't big enuff for that high of gearing. That was the very first test ride and since then I have wound it out to its peak rpm and it was 48mph on a gps speedo.