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SOLD 2017 Electra Ticino 8D, 8 Speed Commuter/City Bike

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Jan 30, 2012
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El Lago, TX
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Bought new in 2019 as a leftover that was still in the box at my local Electra Dealer. These sweet city bikes are no longer made by Electra and are hard to find. Lightly ridden and well cared for. Added upgraded Continental tires and Electra Ticino rear rack., otherwise the bike is stock. Pictured Brooks saddle not included. The frame is aluminum and the fork is chromoly making for a very plush responsive ride. Tuned up and shifts smooth. Electra called the frame a Large which is 21.5" CTT of seat tube. Will ship using BikeFlights in Continental US. $800 shipped.
Photo Nov 11 2022, 07 26 45.jpg

Photo Nov 11 2022, 07 10 10.jpg

Photo Nov 11 2022, 07 10 22.jpg
Photo Nov 11 2022, 07 10 34.jpg

Photo Nov 11 2022, 07 12 54.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 13 06.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 13 21.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 13 46.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 10 41.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 10 50.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 11 06.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 11 43.jpgPhoto Nov 11 2022, 07 13 29.jpg

From Electra:
The Ticino® picks up where bike builders of the 40s and 50s left off, giving it a true handcrafted feel not found in many of today’s cookie-cutter bikes. Named for an Italian influenced area of Switzerland, Ticino’s design aesthetic, craftsmanship and frame integrity are inspired by the vintage bikes once ridden throughout the region.
• Retro-inspired hubs, cranksets, chainrings, handlebars, forks, pedals and hammered-finish fenders show classic craftsmanship.
• A refined ride for a refined customer – the Ticino delivers a classy look with quality parts. Great for the customer that needs to move at a stylish but yet fast pace.
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The details on this bike are top notch, the Brooks, the 8 speed nexus, the hammered fenders.. I can't believe how much trouble you are having with the sale. This is a high level bicycle
Thanks. Yes, Its is a rare ride in rare condition. I am thinking it has to do with the holiday season. Someone just needs to buy themselves a gift.
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