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Feb 14, 2008
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Minneapolis, MN
First off, I didn't think a build-off would come up so quick after the RRKBBO.(Congrats to some of the coolest bikes I ever saw!) Secondly.... cool! Another build-off!! One of my buddy's dad's had my candidate, along with a few others, stored in his barn. He let me go through and keep whatever I thought was worthy. Here's my entry. Don't have a name or theme yet, but I'm sure my daughter or wife can contribute ideas.

I pumped up the tires on Sunday, let my wife take it for a spin, and the tires still hold air! Bonus!

I usually like to keep my old bikes original, but this girl needs some paint!

This should be fun! Good luck on your builds!
didn't see this one, thats 3 24" bikes in the buildoff. kool

Outlaw :mrgreen:
She definatly looks like she could use a makeover! Nice base to start with. Maybe our bikes could date after the buildoff? :lol: :lol:
yeah if its for the wife ya might as well make it pretty! well one way or another youll come out a winner(never hurts to have points with the wife) :mrgreen:
Got a chance to go to the garage and dismantle my project. Now it's time for sanding, stripping and scrubbing. Have a rough idea for her. Still debating.
Got some sanding and primering done. Took the seat apart to paint and recover. Slowly coming together...





Man's best friend supervising...


Will have more later. Summer sure sucks up time.
Pedro - I just took the seat apart, removed the old vinyl and flattened it out to make my new cover template. Then I traced the seat shape onto a small piece of 1" thick foam for the padding. After cutting the vinyl piece, making sure I gave enough extra to tuck under the bottom seat pan, I took the foam piece and centered it on the felt side of my vinyl. Then I placed my top seat pan on that and started to pull a section over the pan and tape it down. Then I pulled the opposite section over and so forth. Hope that helped.

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