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Ride it like you stole it.
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Apr 26, 2020
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I got this 1936 Schwinn built BF Goodrich Streamline frame last year. I had it stripped last week and its surprisingly solid given its age. The rear triangle was bent which I've managed to correct. The downtube is damaged and dented in a few places but solid so I've decided to leave it. The rear stays need some minor brazing and the sandblasting probably removed some of the lead filler so I'll have to tidy up some of the welds. The head badge, dog leg crank and one side of the bottom bracket are the only original parts I have which are usable. Most of the other parts I need other than the seat and handlebars I already have and were sourced from late model parts bikes. The chainguard is from a 60's Corvette and looks identical to the original. The forged fork is also from the same Corvette. I already cut down the steerer to fit the shorter head tube. Not sure if I will attempt to make a tank. I'm planning on painting it myself in the original paint scheme but will age it before putting it back together. The photo of the complete bike below is how it would have looked when it was new. Imagine cruising the streets on that back in '36.
36 BFG-1.jpg
36 BFG-2.jpg
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