4th Annual OddJob Awards!

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Mar 26, 2012
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Maplewood, MN
Being a connoisseur of crustiness, a person of petrified patina, and a raving rust-ationalist;

I hear by dub these builds in the Build Off #13 as the "Most Rat-isfying Rust-ified Rat Rods"!

These bikes, which have a combination of real and faux-tina, epitomize the rat rod bicycle in my own weird rat-ionalizations. Each winner of this award will receive a copy of an ad for Hawk Model Company's "Weird-Oh" model kits from the March 1964 edition of Hot Rod Magazine! This ad will be custom coffee-aged by yours true-Lee and mailed to each recipient.

Congrats to this year's winners! Because of the inability to post photos in this thread, which appears to have plagued @Rat Rod all day yesterday, I am making a collage of the winners and posting it on youtube, then pasting the link here. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat ol' OddJob!

Tune in now to see this year's winners of the OddJob Award.....Congrats to @Dizzle Problems , @Rat Track , @G-Matt , @Reallybigtim , and @idiotboy !

Great choices!
BTW, pic posting works fine again :D
I like the video format though too.
Well earned. Great bikes!
Stoked! Thanks @OddJob ! Ima frame mine n hang it in my shop!

Man, Dizzle, the USPS put the sizzle on the schnizzle getting that to you! Glad you like it. RaT oN~!
I've got my framed up, I think it was one of the first @OddJob Awards you did.
Nice job on the presentation, Scribbs! Glad it found a space in your shop.

@Scribble , I have given out the OddJob Award (from here on out to be called the "OJ's" :bigsmile: ) since Build-Off #10. There have been 24 winners over the past 4 years, with two of the builders this year as 'repeat' winners from previous build offs: @idiotboy and @G-Matt .

This is one of the most fun things for me during a build off, watching some of the most rust-ified rat-ina rat rods !