76 schwinn Continental A.K.A "The Tank"

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Apr 18, 2012
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St. Louis, Mo
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I've posted about this bike elsewhere. But I figure I won't bug the crusier guys with my road bike jibber-jabber. My friend's Dad is in his 90's and in a home. His daughter is cleaning out the basement and saw 2 bikes: this Conti and a Mercian. I wanted the Mercian but she did some research and knew what it was worth. More than this guy can afford (or rather, more than his wife will let him spend on toys).
I paid her a more than fair price for the Conti because she is recently divorced and could use a few bucks. It looked like this to start

Dirty, but in great shape. Heavy as heck and all original.
I added some parts from my other bike which has giving me fits due to the Swiss thread bb.
Changed the bar tape to shallacked cloth changed the 5 speed FW to a Shimano 7 speed mega range, changed the original boat anchor crank to a newer single making it a 1x7
And I got this

It's not totally done, but it's on it's way
Nice Conti,I like the silver.I have a '78 Conti II,They are heavy if you carry them on your back but barely noticable for daily riding.I rode mine on 100 mi weekend thing a few years ago and only noticed the weight on a big hill
And here it is completed (for the moment) 21 speeds, 40 something pounds and ready for action (and when I say action, I mean a trip to Starbucks)
More mods:
New 3 peice crank
Black brooks b-17
Black tape
Sun lite extra long stem
Cheap pedals from REI

A little less heavy but definetly not a weenie bike