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Trying to keep the costs reasonable, so I will prob stick with the slick I have. The letters are looking pretty good. I'm going to add "CST" in front of the "DECADE" to stretch it out a bit.

Anybody have thoughts on what I could / if I should add anything to the "DURO" on the rear tire?

I just mocked them up quick on the bike, and I like the direction it's going.
Anybody have thoughts on what I could / if I should add anything to the "DURO" on the rear tire?

What about adding '841' after the 'DURO' ?

Sort of like this one...


You could even add 'SLICK' or 'SEMI SLICK' or something :nerd:

I think with the size of the letters, I don't want it to dominate too much. I had thought about the word 'SLICK' , but I actually like your number idea better @Glen . I'll have to look at the sidewalls again, not sure if I remember the number 841 on there at all?

I did get the 'CST' added to the front tire logo last night. I like it. It should be just the right amount of lettering.

So I just went back to my ebay order for the rear slick, and sure enough, the part number is HF-841. I think the '841' would fit nicely! Thanks for the inspiration, Glen!
That orange came to life after a little elbow vinegar.
Did you think about taking a little poetic license with the tire lettering? I always loved the "GOOD BOOT" tires that the Deals Wheels models had.
That Deals Wheels is cool. I don't remember those. After my time and before my kids'.

I like the 'Hi-Bloatation' tires in the rear!

Yeah, once I got the orange to pop, I knew I had to keep the original paint. Thanks for the kudos and the impetus. :wink1:
Thanks Alan! This kind of refresh build is really fun when the frame is solid and it has decent original paint. It's fun adding touches and being creative while taking some 'artistic license' with the build.
Awesome build so far Lee :113:
Awesome build so far Lee :113:
Thanks! It's coming together nicely. We had our first real snow fall yesterday, in the low 30's all day. Wed thru Sat of this week we are expecting sunshine and high 50's. So I'll get my seat painted, and prob have the frame decals and sissy bar here and on the bike as well! Can't wait!
A month from now, that will be about our average temp. A month after that, and we'll consider 30 F a 'heat wave'.
Our humidity has dropped 20% over the course of the past 3 days. And that means.....I got the Person's 'naner seat painted!

Remember, it looked like this when I covered it with the light brown faux leather.


Now it looks like this. I painted it inside, and let it sit on the 'paint stump' outside the BACK40 to dry.



That's 100% acrylic tube paint. I've used it before, it adheres well, and this time I sprayed a Rustoleum Matte Clear over it to help protect it as well.

The sissy bar arrived, and I got the Schwinn approved decals in the mail today. The next couple days are in the 50's here with full sun. Expect updates and full-on photos soon!
As was mentioned at the start, the banana seat and sissy bar on the bike when I bought it were from a girls bike, likely a 16" model. The seat is shorter and so was the sissy, in it's maxed out point as it sits.

1977 schwinn stingray seat and sissy close up.jpg

Also, if you look closely, the sissy was not clamped on to the frame as per the stingrays, it was bolted through a clamp. My sissy bar, billed as an eary '70s Schwinn Stingray seat rail on ebay, is the smooth 'clamp on' style.

The original clamps on ebay are almost as much as the seat rail itself, so I did some, oh, what do you call it again?? RAT RODDING! Yeah, that's it! :113:

I needed a spacer inside the clamp because the girls rail was also a larger O.D. than this Schwinn one. So I found a piece at the Ace Hardware down the street that fit the I.D. of the clamp and the O.D. of the 'new' seat rail.

I then drilled a smaller hole through the spacer, big enough for my bolt but tight so that it wouldn't 'slop around'. How's that for a technical term? :21: And I drilled a hole of the same size on the Schwinn seat rail at my prescribed mounting height.


It's bright and sunny and warm out today, these next two days could be our last gasp. I also pulled the BB apart and the head set and clean and lubed all parts. These were both thankfully in good shape when I got the bike. They are in even better shape now! Funny how Schwinn put their stamp on everything...


If you look close, it's even stamped 'SCHWINN' on the bearing cage!

Stay posted.....we're getting REAL close now! :banana:
I had the last two days off, as our Minnesota schools were on break for the annual teacher's convention. It was 60 degrees out and sunny. Perfect weather to get some photos of my fully assembled, ready to ride....."77 Sunset Strip" !

Our local bike / skate park was the perfect setting for this hot rod muscle bike to show off his stuff. And the Sunset Orange blended in well with the October sky and foliage.....

Stingray Final 4.jpg
Stingray Final 1.jpg
Stingray Final 8.jpg
Stingray Final 5.jpg
Stingray Final 6.jpg
Stingray Final 7.jpg
Stingray Final 9.jpg

And this might be my favorite of the bunch....

Stingray Final 3.jpg

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