A quick one for "The Wee Man"

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Well, after gazing at it for awhile, I realize it's just too large for the 6 year old, both in length and maybe in height. I considered a bent springer, but if it's too long or a pain to deal w, he's not gonna enjoy it.
Luckily...I found a small Diamondback BMX nearby, and I have those bars for the ( on temp hold due to seat post) Swing low and a tall sissy nearby..
Had to buy $40 worth o'chain breaker, but it's built like a tank! Figure like Gene Berg says..
Popped on a longer seat post, and a new chain, waiting for vintage pedals to arrives so I popped on some cheap black plastic ones to get her rollin'!
Off to get some air in the old tires, hopefully ride her home
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