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Apr 24, 2007
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circa 1978 Huffy Thunder Trail with no paint left on it. Odd that it looks like it was burned off but there is a decal on the seat tube that is intact.

Some wheel options. Turns out that red one has been sitting in my basement for decades is a Peregrine Master Carbon Composite. That's going on ebay to fund my 2 builds for this mbbo.

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The yellow wheel is a vintage Motomag 2 with one of the webs broken out. I have a bucket of coaster hubs for parts. anyone know off hand what guts were in the motomags?

black wheel is a 18". Wire spoke wheel is also an 18 with a tire.

Been pretty busy lately.

Last week I replaced the bb cups, bb bearings, left cone, headset. The old bearings and surfaces were very worn and rusty.


I could not get the right cone off the crank last week. Today I realized why. The crank arm pin was broken off. This is the first I've ever seen like that. Pedaling torque would tighten up the cone even more than normal. I won't know if I need to replace the crank until the bike is rideable. Is the cone so tight now it will hold the sprocket? Not a good plan for the family jewels. Rules say the bike has to be ride-able but no mention of pedaling it hard.

broken.crank (2).JPG

Front wheel bearings checked. Filthy of course. Both cones shot, one ball destroyed. The front wheel is a Tony Hawk 18" plastic mag. I trimmed out the reflector mounting tabs. Looks much better without the screws & tabs.

front.hub.bearings (2).JPG

front.hub.bearings (4).JPG

I started stripping the paint off the Motomag II rear. I might paint it black or just leave it or have another go at stripping with something stronger. It's got a lot of surfaces and corners to strip. Being aluminum it won't rust up like the frame. So maybe black to match the front wheel.


Seat chosen because it's black.

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I got a set of guts for the Motomag II from a period bike, an Open Road Soft Touch by Huffy.
Hub swap for the Soft Touch to keep it rolling.
Bendix 76 hub guts fit in to this Motomag II.
And another period bike a Huffy with a Shimano hub with a matching and intact crank but it's too clean.


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Tried to burn off the rest of the yellow paint on the Motomag. About all it did was turn it a darker shade.


Seat post stuck. PB, WD, a BFH, BenzoMatic and my biggest pipe wrench got it loose. Turns out it wasn't rusted in, it was stuck where the repair welding had intruded into the seat post space. Short post is now up all the way to get the seat somewhat level.


Seat bolted together, another rear tube (it went flat since the last time I worked on it.).

finished the assembly and test rode it. Works. Put about 1km on it.