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We've got a local cruiser club here in the DFW area called the Slow Spokes. They have a FB Group that stays pretty active. We joke about how all of the bikes get passed around from person to person in this group. I even suggested at one point that we just start a loaner program to cut out all of the hassle of bargaining and exchanging money.

Anyway, this bike was initially started by one of the members named Zachary Moon and was then modified by John "Snooky" Lanoie. He posted a pic of it last night and said he was willing to sell it. After a bit of haggling he brought it to my office today and dropped it off.

Been a while since I had an actual Rat Rod Bike (go figure). Besides my 1980 King Sting it's my only 26" bike at the moment. I had been wanting a single speed cruiser to bomb around on and to keep my King Sting in good shape.

The bike is sporting a new set of Felt cruiser wheels with CST Jack Rabbit tires...both purchased from Clyde James Cycles. Need to make some minor adjustments, but plan to keep it somewhat like it is.

You plan to keep it somewhat like it is ? We'll see how long that lasts.....kewl to see "RatRod" with actual rat.
I deleted it!...Didn't want to bust ya to bad.....
I should talk. Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I haven't built or owned a "rat" bike since 2011, and I'm bustin you?
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WELCOME! NICE bike..you're gonna fit right in!