Adding to a 20” muscle bike?

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Jun 11, 2012
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Visalia, CA
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I am about to restore a muscle bike for a guy, and he asked if I could possibly make it an E-bike so he could ride it around car shows. I’ve honestly never thought of doing it. I looked on EBay and there is a kit with a 20” rear wheel. 36v, 250w. And I have to buy the battery as well.

- My concerns: the wires will be too numerous and spread out to “hide” or bundle neatly.
- The battery will be too bulky, and where would it fit that wouldn’t look ridiculous.
- It’s more complicated of a job than I can handle.

I wanted to hear from experience. Is a 20” bike too small to convert?
Battery pack = drag chute disguise

Chuck Norris Yes GIF by Sony Pictures Television
If anyone can do it and make it look cool, it’s you.

However, you are an artist. If it’s not your thing, don’t be afraid to say no. Nothing sux worse than getting paid to do something you don’t agree with.
This probably isn't the direction you're looking
View attachment 259223

But this isn't too bad. It's a 24" rear wheel though.
View attachment 259224
View attachment 259225

Looks like a rear drive hub with electronics in the tail bag and battery on the down tube. I like @Captain Awesome 's idea of the faux chute. Might be able to use a small saddle bag on one side for extra hidden space.
View attachment 259226

Or maybe a custom gas tank?
Gas tank 🤙🏼
I saw a photo of a kid delivering newspapers on a Schwinn muscle bike
with saddle baskets. It's an Alamy picture that I'm not buying, but it may
be a good way to hide an unsightly battery as well as the drivetrain. 2¢
I've been to big shows and swap meets. Performance isn't needed. A top speed of 5 mph is plenty in a crowd. And he won't need 100 miles of range so a small battery that can hide under the seat or in a water bottle may be enough.

Hum, I have a 20" ewheel. But the old is very wide, too much for a bike frame.

I've seen all kinds of outlandish and weird one-offs used at the shows. Seems the crazier it looks, the better.
well, whatever you decide to do, I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.