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Do we need a parts list? Yeah, why not...
Bendix two speed kickback hub laced on to a random 26" rim
90's Roadmaster ladies MTB frame flipped
Haro Fusion sprocket and Schwinn 1 piece crank
Triple tree forks
Schwinn exerciser bike pedals
Plasma ball headlight
26 x 2.125 rear tire
20 x 1.75 front tire
Benotto handlebar tape
and the only part on this bike even remotely related to Muscle Bikes...
Butterfly handlebars created from two sets of apes

also just for fun an excerpt from the 2014 MBBO ALiEN FiRE build thread...

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So ya all should be able to finish a bike in 5 months, don't be hoping for another extension! LOL. I suppose I'll tear the ALiEN apart again and get a fade painted. I bought some Testors extreme lacquer in Lime Ice and if the little 3oz can is enough I'll probably hit the seat too. (since I really don't like the rust-oleum green on it now) There's a few other details I may freshen up too... Do I want to run a derailleur??? Then I gotta run brake cables too, grr... Piece of cake we've got a short month and a half and it's like starting with a finished bike now...

Weather broke so I got the fade on...

This bike is looking so cool!! I have a questiuon, I have a similar set of forks wondering what bearing set up you use to make that for work? I have Murray Firecat frame I wanted to put this newer fork on.

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