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Mar 25, 2011
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Rochester, NY
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I picked this up over the weekend, in part because it was in nice shape and cheap, but mostly because it's identical except color to the bike my father bought (still has) when I was a kid. It has a 3-speed hub, 26x1-3/8 tires. It needs a little clean up and new tires. I just bought a pair of creme Schwalbe Delta Cruisers for it.



The question I have is regarding the serial number. I haven't found any centralized reference to look up an AMF Roadmaster number. This is one area that it differs from my dad's bike - the serial in on the head tube. On his, its down on the left dropout, like it is on an older Roadmaster cantilever frame I have.


Does anyone have a way to date a Roadmaster from the serial? Or does anyone at least know when the serial was moved to the head tube?
No one's been able to decipher 1957 and later AMF serial #'s. Phil/rms37 has been looging numbers in hopes of figuring it out, but they repeated #'s several times, so it won't be easy! Supposedly, NBHAA overlord and general Misanthrope Leon Dixon has Amf factory records, but good luck on trying to gain any info even if you pay his $26 fee. The graphics on your bike look "78ish" to me. I think Murray switched to head tube serials around that time, but couldn't say for sure about AMF. -Adam
Ah, well, that's alright. I had also thought that the graphics were of a late '70s feel, but I'm sure that this bike is newer than my father's due the serial number placement change. He insists that his was purchased in the early eighties. No big deal either way, I guess.

I stripped the bike down over the weekend to clean and grease it, and put new tires on it. I didn't see any reason to believe that it had ever been apart before, but there were a few minor things that were misassembled. Overall, the thing is nice shape though.
Interestingly, I tried googling Roadmaster Model 1000, and several variations of it, and the only reference I can find to that are your posts here on this site. Where can I find out more about this model?

Anyway, I've got the frame pretty well cleaned up. The original paint is in good condition save for some chips and scratches. Cosmetically, the only real issue is the top tube decal was scraped up and lifting. Someone had put the brake cable clips over it to try to hold it down.

I took several close-up photos of it and measurements, and then I attempted to remove it. Surprisingly, it came off intact, in one piece, so I set it aside with the idea that I could have it reproduced if need be. At the moment, though, I do think the frame looks better without that decal on it. The lower tube decal is in better shape with only a few scuffs. But it is dull looking compared to the paint.

I think I will touch up the paint and then clearcoat over the whole frame to better protect it. That'll help the existing decal too. This bike should look almost new when I'm done...

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