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Feb 25, 2009
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Hey, All!

Been lurking the past few days. Digging thru the various threads, and looking at the various pictures, reminds me of the many stages of my first bike, an AMF Renegade, in it's various forms.

No current ratrod bikes in the stable, but working on a twofer purchase. A set of early '50's his & hers Schwinns. The old boy that owns them, seemed to have a bit of ratrod biking in him, as he flipped the bars & ditched the fenders, way back in the '50's.

Current bikes:
2008 Specialized Hard Rock Comp
1989 Giant Iguana
1978 Triumph Bonneville ;)

'57 Schwinn Tornado. After looking thru all the schwinn materials I could find on '57's, and someone mentioning that Tornados had removable kickstands, my curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out the lacquer thinner and rubbed off enough of the rattle can paint to make out the "Tornado" on the chain guard.

Currently taken apart. Anyone interested in that front hub? It's a Sturmey Archer drum, 32 hole. It is "as is" without the external linkage. Rear hub is a Sturmey Archer 3 speed, that is also available. Still undecided as to the fate of this one. A reasonable offer would be considered....


Here's the kid's Colson. Still need to put it's stock front wheel back on it, but it's looking cool with her new Kenda Flames. We have yet to either recover or buy a new seat for it, so she had me take the seat off of her other bike, so she could ride this one. I have the fenders for it, but they need some body work done.