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Aug 11, 2011
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Mountains of NC
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Its only been a decade since I last posted...

Finally got my hands on a used recumbent trike last year. $400. Its a trident trikes 26" terrain. Spent a year tearing it down and ordering upgrades & replacments. Its now a 10 speed with a Bafang HD. 23mph on flat with some severe "shimmy" and about 7mph climbing up the mountain to my house.

I am pleased with it so far. Now Its time to start adding the "goodies". I started searching for all the usual 50s/60s upgrades but had to take a step back and consider the period I was going for.

Bringing her home:


Going for a copper patina look that was latter scrapped.

Currently minus rear fender and leather saddle bags:
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Took advantage of the beautiful Fall colors in Virginia.
Took advantage of the beautiful Fall colors in Virginia. On the New River Trail.

OOOOooo-OOOO-oooooon... that's right... ON the New River Trail. Looks much like home, but 'tis merely elsewhere in the hill country. Lived there nearly 25 years before hearing of said New River Trail. 'Seems it is way off somewhere, rather than being near New River Gorge.

Took a single seat child trailer, stripped it, and flipped it upside down. The bottom is now the structure for an awning and the curved trailers roof is what got attached to the back of my seat. I used motorcycle handlebar attachments too.

Upgraded the steam whistle...


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