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I was thinking more in the lines of a drag bike though and yes long and low.

Thanks Junknutz, You missed it because it really hasnt been on here for too long. I build fast sometimes especially if I want the bike for a parade. which I did.

DJ Bill, Im not sure how many total pieces I used but my chain pile is alot smaller. Lucky for me I was able to use all KMC Z chain. Hope you go build one now.
Dracothered, Im not sure what im going to do for paint on this one yet. But Ill have to do something soon. The wife says the yellow is ugly. I like it.
I'm not a big fan of yellow, but it fits this bike just fine... don't ruin it on her account...
Nice! I really like the windscreen!
I knew you would sneak a skull in there somewhere.
Thanks everyone but seriously im keeping this mild. No skulls, no bones, no horseshoes or hand grenades. Just want a fast drag bike looking tire screeching silent stalking knuckle scraping slammed stretched out street bike. No bells or whistles either. But remember MILD.
What? No Hand grenades?!! :(
Thanks All. Been feeling under the weather here since my last post but dont worry I will finish it. still needs some paint and believe it or not Im prob gonna make a different set of bars. These are a little wide and not quite in my comfort zone for sitting up straight. Hopefully Ill get some time and some tubing and get it done this weekend.
Wow, the bike looks very cool! Is that about 9 feet of chain?
Pretty close there Mr. I had to measure it cause you got me wondering and I got 10 feet. Somebody asked a few posts back about total length so I also measured the bike and I got 8 ft 11 inches. I think I'll just say 9 feet. Also some great news! The bike is done! There's new hbars and a crossbar in case I want to make a tank. I still need to get some paint so no pictures till then. If you really need to see it now you could stop by. Ha! Or you could go look on my Tommy Atoms Facebook page. There's always things going on there plus more build pics. See ya!
I always seem to grind these builds out to the end. Anyway I finished it today and Im pretty happy with it. Of coarse theres more that I wanted to do but theres always things you wished you could do but just run out of time. I did get the crossbar and a new set of handlebars so Im happy that I was able to make last minute changes. Heres the last few pics I took. Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be putting it back together. Uploads