bending forks???

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I used a 1 inch bender. The same bender that I use for frames. A 3/4 in might work better, for JUST the tips, but that type of fork is more OVAL toward the top, thus MORE then 3/4 in. When I do a fork, I usually go in SMALL increments, like the pics of the fork that I posted. When ever I got side-ward bends, I found them fairly easy to return to they're "true" position. I noticed the kink on elvis's fork is where the fork is OVAL. You can only bend something so far, with this method, especially on oval tubing. I have almost the exact fork. I am going to "experiment" and see just how far I can bend it! If successful, I'll probably sell it CHEAP. If not, off to the recycle bin. :roll:
im not 100% sure what size my pipe bender is. like i said i got it from my dad and he got it from an auction and it just one of those tools that he just happened to have layin around. unfortunately kota i CANT get a 26inch wheel in there, no where even close! but a 20 works pretty darn dandy. the kink was kinda of an OH S#!T type of thing. kota i really appreciate you bending one for me. hopefully it goes well!!

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Well I was home SICK from work yesterday, so I decided to give it a try. Like I said I never bent one to 90....Came out WORSE then yours. :lol: . Both forks are so far to one side. I was sweating profusely, from a fever, and laughing my butt off. BUT, I did not "kink" them! Obviously this method works well for bending the TIPS, like the fork I originally posted.The fact that they didn't kink, means I'll try to put them back to they're TRUE position. I was going to bend a TUBULAR fork, just didn't want to ruin TWO in one day. :lol: .......Let you know if I can "true" the first set.
hey kota!!! just wanted to see if youve had any luck truing the first fork and if you have gotten one to bend that far? thanks man!!

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Sorry it took so long to reply...........Well so far I've RUINED two forks. The reason, I didn't follow my own advice..............That was, bend in SMALL increments! If you get any "twisting" to one side, straighten it out BEFORE you do anymore bending, bend a little more, true em back, bend, true etc.......Here are some pics of one that came out right. It's from a 27 inch Panasonic road bike. To me this is a radical bend! It's as far as you can bend with a conduit bender. I just put a 24 inch tire and rim on it to give you an idea of how much.........The key to it all, SMALL increments....PRACTICE........more PRACTICE...and LUCK!

UHHH....Elvis you owe me THREE forks. :roll: (just kidding, I enjoyed doing it)....GOOD LUCK!


kota im jealous of your fork!!! id love to have one like that to build a bike around. must be nice!!! ive still got alot of work to do in the near future but this weeks been super hectic as im gettin married on saturday 9-27. so hopefully after the wedding and once things settle down maybe ill get back to building bikes!!

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This is where the forks are now.
kota im beyond jealous of your fork!!! im gonna be way super busy this week trying to get TWO bikes completely stripped down and everything painted and ready for the Peddlers swap meet this weekend. maybe i can buy some donor fork there to keep practicing! looks good man

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I'm super jealous aswell now I have to start looking for a conduit bender hahahahahaa I only have a few scrap forks to play with but you better believe they're all gonna be bent up soem way I cant wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!
LP just take your time man and do it slow. look at my messed up forks and youll see why its a good idea to go slow and in small incriments. i just grabbed a pair of forks and started crankin away man, take your time! and post some pics of progress goes!

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Yea I am trying to find a bender now!! Does it matter if you start at the top or bottom? I was thinking that it would probably better to start at the bottom..
you are learning very well young grasshopper! start at the dropouts and go about a 1/2inch at a time. do the left side then the right side, stop and check to see if there straight, adjust if needed. then move up the fork a 1/2inch and repeat. and make sure to take pics!

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I just thought it would be good to bump.....Since I have load of girls three speeds need to do something cool with them.
Yep, this was a good'un! 8) I can add that I did buy the $37 3/4" bender, and it works pretty good! Of course, the first fork I practiced on ended up going off to one side, just like above! :lol: Eventually, I rigged up some blocks on a section of deck framing, and set it up to hold the fork in place so I could straighten it out. I see more customized forks in my future!!! :mrgreen: ~Adam
Hey Kota! I have to thank you man, you have been of great inspiration!

Bought my bender thanks to this thread...

Got my first set of forks bent with your technique...

All thanks to you :wink:
Nice job! I'm happy it's working for you.....Bet ya had a big smile when you were done. :lol: :lol:
Just adding a few pics. I don't want to give the impression that "bending" a fork to this degree is easy. Slight bends are fairly easy, but radical bends CAN be difficult. The pics don't show it, but there was a lot of tweaking and straightening done on this fork. A quick release rim was used on this one, so I spent a long time making sure the dropouts were PERFECT. DON'T be lazy (like I almost was), A fork like this SHOULD have some type of support. Be creative, use your imagination....I've also included close ups of the original radical bend..Snot Rocket, with the supports.
Understand, radical bends like this, change the geometry of a bike considerably. The handling is VERY different.
Slight bends, you'll hardly notice the difference. In some cases it MAY even improve the handling.
NOTHING changes the appearence of a "stock" frame more then a bent fork. (IMHO)
Whatever you decide to do..Do it SAFELY! ..And do it at your own risk. :lol:
Remember, I do these bikes for :shock: VISUAL :shock: impact. Not for speed...If I want to go fast, I have plenty of bikes for that.
Good Luck....and have "fun"!

27 inch fork, with a 24 inch rim



Supports made from a spaceliner rear rack.




Snot Rocket bike and fabricated supports (5/16 cold rolled steel bar stock)
27 inch fork with 24 inch rim


SLIGHT bend.. 27 inch fork with a 26inch rim.

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