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Sep 19, 2007
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The timing of and theme of this build couldn't be better. I've been acquiring parts to build a bike for my son Ben's 8th birthday that's coming up in April. This will make an already enjoyable project even better. The frame is a '55 schwinn #s27683 and the color will be blue. I was thinking about lacing an s-2 to a front hub and running them front and rear with 2-1/4" tires. I'm waiting on the rims to be delivered, I won 2 unlaced s-2's and an s-7 as a package deal on epay, so if the s-2 with tire won't fit up front I still have the s-7. Does anyone know if this will fit? I haven't touched a 20" schwinn canileaver since I was 13, (1978) henceforth my ignorance.



The sprocket cleaned up nice as did the fork cap but the crank is bent. Won a NOS crank on epay last night. I'm also waiting on delivery of a bendix redline and I'm watching a NICE seat. I just need pedals, tires, a front hub and spokes.This bike is costing more than almost all my other bikes (bicycles, that is) put together! The things we do for love.
Wait wait that fork like reaaaaly bent forward?
If so i have the same exact fork...and i was curious if someone did it, theres no signs of stress or welding on it
and it was even schwinn branded...Pics on request
Ready for paint. May shoot it tommorrow.

Rustoleum metal flake cobalt blue on red primer with clear.

The plan is 2-1/4" WWs front and rear with a blue and white seat, mirrors,a horn or two, front and rear lights and a chain guard that say's 'BEN'S FIFTY-FIVE' in white letters. Lots of shiny gizmo's on a shiny clean bike loaded with chrome to hopefully peak his interest. Gee, maybe I better him a new helmet in case he gets too distracted!
I'm not sure what its from, $5 flea market buy. I knew just what to do with it when I saw it!
Neccesity is the Mothers of Invention,

and poverty neccesitates fabrication.
Here's a picture of that fork fork for the Dingo. The protractor reads 19 degrees.


I don't have another 20" frame fork to compare it to.
fork looks normal to me, my stingray fork cant rotate a full 360' without the tire hitting the down tube.
Got the frame and fork painted. I'm going full throttle cause were going to be remodeling the kitchen soon and I plan on doing the work myself. Once I start that I'll be busy! My son was feeling helpful so I had him sanding the fork of his own Bday present! I told him I'm building the bike for my friend......Sonny :lol: :lol: He likes the color and wants the sample piece. Hope he doesn't start browsing the site!
Here he's filing the seatpost.

sanding the fork

After paint and clear




Can't wait to see it in the sun. Should look good all festooned with Whitewalls and loads of chrome.
I'm no expert so someone please help verify/ID these. They are apparently new schwinn s-2 exercise bike hoops. they aren't stamped, drilled for valve stems nor do they have real distinctive knurling lines on the hub side. Are they s-2's? Any reason I couldn't use these if i drill valve stem holes? Will tires fit? Anyone ever do that? I dont have any s-2's to compare them to but they match the cutaway diagram.
Heres some pics. Thanks.







TheFlyingDingo said:
Now thats a nice color
Are you using a rattle can?
and if so...whats the conditions/temp...
Rattle can. Red primer, painters choice I think, then Rustoleum cobalt blue metallic under rustoleum clear enamel. I have a heated garage so it was around 60deg. I left the sanded (100grit) frame and paints in the house near the heat all day. I wiped it down with solvent with rubber gloves on, finger oils will screw it up. Light coats of red primer and let that dry about 15 min so it doesn't look wet anymore. 1st blue coat was real light also. let it dry a couple mins. but not too long and kept recoating lightly with short 2 or 3 min. drying periods, when it looked wet, between each coat to avoid runs. the last coat was a heavy wet one, then clear. The clear sprays a lot more watery or thinner than the base color so you gotta be wary of that. Hope that helps.

Sorry...ive been getting nothing but bad results with paint
Schwinnspastic said:
like the paint but I really like the vintage Zappa and the Mothers pic
I think that's the girl they sing about in 'Mud Shark' (Live at the Filmore 1971) Robert Planet!!Hehheheh!
Propane and S-2's Yes those rims will work. They are just like the regular S-2's but the sidewalls are straight instead of angled out. A 20x2.125 tire will fit. The first bike in my post has an exersizer rim. Lace em up and find the correct spot to put the valve hole and you should be good to go. Rick
Very good, thank you Rick. I'm sure I'm not the only hoping you throw your hat in the ring. I see your from Oregon, I've got a '56 American that spent some time in Eugene back in the 70's. Whever I ask her about it all she say's is "Good times, gooood tiiiimes." Doug
Yeah, that looks bent, but it appears to be where the fork is joined to the threaded tube. Hope its not cracked.

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