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Oct 28, 2018
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Any type of bike cheap or expensive with a brand that people have not heard of that much.

Kawasho mountain bike
Ones I know.
Keno, Japanese
Chimo, Taiwanese
Jaguar, German
Rolls Racer and Fils are brands with no search results.
Any type of bike cheap or expensive with a brand that people have not heard of that much.
From this year I keep a record of bikes by brands that i repair. One list is for popular ones, other for non popular brands. You would be amazed... :21:


Tecno Bike

And maaaany more
Familiar name because he was a cycling champ, but not sure how famous outside Canada. Although they make a lot of mid level (and lower) bikes, they also make this, the Louis Garneau Garibaldi C Prohibition. I can't even come close to affording this 650Beauty
Mercedes Benz...obscure in the sense that I've never met someone that owned one, but, they make them quite often. The ones that catch my eye are these two...

One of these was at a Portland-area pawn shop for a while...they kept cutting the price and I kept trying to convince my younger daughter to get it as she was shopping around for a new bike (she ended up with a WallyWorld Schwinn that got stolen, and to this day it was her 'favorite bike ever' :headbang:)...note, the amp research fork :thumbsup:...

...and the more common amp/mercedes collaboration...
Paris Sport, imported from France by NJ seller, sold on East Coast/Mid-Atlantic.

Tyler- Polish import mid-1970's, East Coast

Road Puppy (my all time favorite bike name) Japanese folding bike, earliest models made in Occupied Japan. Many were brought back to USA by returning US Servicemen.

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