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Specialized RockHopper A1 FS on the Mississippi River Trail bridge that goes from Credit Island to the Iowa mainland. Awesome, but way too short, ride today. Some ice on the water. Clouds moved in and the temps dropped.

Hale, Iowa bridge. 1879 built by King Iron Bridge Company of Cleveland Ohio. Flood damaged in 1993. 3 arches. Each section relocated about 20 miles to Wapsipincon State park by heavy lift Chinook military helicopter. Move covered on the History Channel's Mega Movers tv show. Now part of a new bike path loop out of Anamosa Iowa over the Wapsipinicon river.

Bike is a Felt road bike.

Cutter Bones fixie/single speed.

update: I marked this at $200 after all the work I did on it. MSRP was $357. A tire kicker told me he could get these at garage sales all day long for $30 to $40. Sure. Conversation over. "Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Mark Twain.
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1981 Raleigh Competition GS on a boring bike path bridge.
Bike made in Japan using 531 tubing. Campagnolo Gran Sport drive train with Tipo hubs.

Same bridge in Morgan Creek Park, different bikes, different day. Pretty nice 35 mile ride on gravel, grass, dirt, concrete, asphalt, chip seal and a stop for lunch.

Specialized StumpJumper FSR & Voodoo Wanga.


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