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Dec 31, 1969
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1.Start date is January 6th, 2009. Bike must be completed and photos entered into the final bike forum by March 1st, 2009.

2.Document your build. A picture of what you start with, and a final picture at the very least. The more the better though.

3.All Spacy-type bikes are legit in this here Blast-Off. FlightLiner, SpaceLiner, Cosmic Flier, chrome, painted, Whatever. You wanna build a spaceliner-type frame from scratch? Do it! You wanna convert a frame you have to a spaceliner-type frame cuz you just can't find one and wanna participate? Let's see it! In true rat rod fashion, this is a "run what you brung" event.

4.HAVE FUN! Remember this is a non-judged event. Just trying to see what kind of 'Liners are out there, how many more 'Liner Pilots we can get out there. This is more of a build-up and show-off than a build-off. So have fun and let's see those SpaceBikes!
Here are some pics from our trip to Disney World that may provide some ideas.







'When will then be now?' 'Soon.' :lol: :lol: or Ludicrous speed? Where can you buy plaid paint? :D That is classic stuff. How about a movie theme build? I call dibs on the 'Deathmobile' from 'Animal house'.
Yeah... The main reason I wanted a no voting approach was I pictured 5 or 6 guys doing this, not 20... ANd to be easier on steve... Deadline isn't really set in stone, well I guess it is. I guess we just wanted to see what we could come up with in a month and a half...
JoeyMac said:
I propose that we leave the deadline for tomorrow... but don't lock the forum at midnight,
so that us stragglers can continue to add their finished bikes throughout the week...
Sound reasonable?
I second this proposal.
Just a thought...why not let the mods pick out the top 3 and then let the users vote on the final winner? *shrugs* I know I enjoy voting on stuff like this and assuming other people do. I figure it helps everyone feel included and like their opinion matters being able to vote on competitions like this. *shrugs*, just a thought.
I never noticed this mini build off before. Gald I found it. Very cool stuff!!